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Heston Screen Changers

About Heston Screen Changers

The unique design of Heston Automatic Screen Changers for thermoplastic extruders minimizes residence time and possible plastic degradation. Heston Changers mount directly on the threaded end of the extruder barrel and attach directly to die connectors, eliminating the need for a separate stand for the screen changer.
The screen changer uses a push foot to ram a separate removable strainer plate into active position, displacing the used strainer plate, which falls into a "catcher" to await removal and cleaning. Removal is easy and a safety notch on each plate allows it to be inserted only with the screens on the upstream side

The Heston product line was purchased in October 1985 from its founder and inventor, Eugene Heston. The screen changer is an accessory for plastic extruders which changes melt flow stream filter screens without interrupting the continuous operation of the extruder.

Although we still support the Heston Product line and stock most of the replacement parts needed for the units,
Leland Gifford stopped building new screen changers a few years ago. Unfortunately, that was necessary due to increased manufacturing costs and a general lack of sales.

In May of 2011, Leland Gifford, Inc. was purchased by D&L Machine Co. of Akron, Ohio. At which time the company’s name was changed to Leland Gifford Products, LLC, and the entire operation was moved to their facility at 1029 Arlington Circle, Akron, Ohio 44306.