• Barker Mill
  • Center Lap 274
  • Gallmeyer Grinder
  • Heston Screen Changer
  • Hybco 2100
  • Gallmeyer Grinder
  • Leland-Gifford 2LMS
  • Reid 618-HR
  • Stone M-250
  • Wardwell Saw Sharpener

Leland-Gifford Drilling Machines

About Leland-Gifford Drilling Machines

The original product line was purchased from White Consolidated Industries in May 1984. For many decades, Leland-Gifford machines were the standard for drilling machines. Over the years, through three changes in ownership, well over 20,000 Leland-Gifford Drills were sold, many of which are still in use. Although the era of the stand-alone drill press has well passed, there is an active market for replacement parts and rebuilds.

Leland Gifford stopped building new Leland-Gifford Drills a few years ago. Unfortunately, that was necessary due to increased manufacturing costs and a general lack of sales. We do however still support the Leland-Gifford Product line and stock most of the repair parts needed for used machines,

In May of 2011, Leland Gifford, Inc. was purchased by D&L Machine Co. of Akron, Ohio. At which time the company’s name was changed to Leland Gifford Products, LLC, and the entire operation was moved to their facility at 1029 Arlington Circle, Akron, Ohio 44306.